Grodan Box of 1/4 in Loose Cubes (5.07 cu.ft.)


These round plugs fit perfectly into our Gro-Blocks™. Macroplugs have a slit that allows for easy insertion of a cutting or bare-root plant.

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Grodan Box of 1/4 in Loose Cubes (5.07 cu.ft.)

For growers seeking a forgiving, easy-to-use loose-fill media, Grodan Grow-Cubes are an excellent choice. Composed of uniform 1/4” cubes of stone wool, Grodan Grow-Cubes offer many advantages over other soilless potting mixes:

Grow-Cubes do not compact and compress together, but instead, stack inside the container leaving air pockets which guarantee the roots constant access to oxygen, promoting high metabolic rates and continual root development.

Grow-Cubes drain easily, naturally retaining a 50% water to 50% air ratio.
When mixed with non-restrictive media (e.g. expanded clay balls) a very desirable blend of root aeration and homogenous moisture content can be achieved for extremely vigorous growth and bloom.

Lightweight — approximately 1/10 of the weight of a bag of potting soil.

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