Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Powder


Now you can give your crops the proven power of bloom boosting and bud-bulking with Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Powder.


Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Powder

Use Big Bud Powder – If you’re a grower looking for a maximum-strength bud bulking, bloom-boosting supplement, look no further.

This ultra-premium, next-generation supplement is the perfect solution to maximize your bloom phase and give you bigger, more consistent yields time after time.

Get richer harvests with bigger, denser, higher-quality flowers and fruits…

  • Maximizes bud bulk by providing optimal extra amounts of phosphorus and potassium, and a higher ratio of K than P because that’s what your high-value, short-day crops desire
  • Utilizes quality raw materials for building and bulking floral structures
  • Rather than relying on a PK spike alone, constructs a framework for flowering by supplying a rich assortment of bioavailable amino acids (the building blocks of life).
  • Maximizes bud bulking by providing plant-derived, amino-chelated calcium, magnesium and iron.
  • Delivers extra energy to plants with citrate.

Sometimes, bigger is better! Check our the Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Delivery Truck.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Sustainability Features

ORMI Listed

Nutrient Application

Hydroponic, Peat, Rockwool, Soil / Promix

Supplement Action

Boost Flower Density

Supplement Type

(K) Potassium, (P) Phosphorus, Organic Citric Acids

Powder Format

1 kg, 10 Kg, 130g, 2.5 kg, 20 Kg, 500g


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