Advanced Nutrients OG Organics Ancient Earth


The scientists at Advanced Nutrients were so impressed with Leonardite that they immediately started working around the clock to develop OG Organics Ancient Earth, the golden fulvic acid formula for growers of high-value plants.


Advanced Nutrients OG Organics Ancient Earth

Discover Advanced Nutrients OG Organics Ancient Earth, a seven-step extraction process is used to develop the fulvic acid that directly feeds plant cells, roots and leaves to produce bigger, more aromatic flowers.

Here are just a few more of the benefits of this fulvic formula…

  • It contains hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and complex chain acid compounds for enhanced plant vitality and harvest potency…
  • It promotes root activity, making it easier for plants to absorb essential elements…
  • It promotes a stronger, more nutrient healthy plant…
  • It’s a natural chelator that enhances your plants’ ability to get the nutrients they need…
  • It enhances nutrient absorption, the transport of those nutrients throughout plants and your plant’s metabolism…

What’s more: it’s golden clear and is the purest fulvic available. We’ve seen other companies trying to make and sell fulvic acid, but testing shows their fulvic formulas just can’t match the purity, quality, and potency of this seven-time extracted brew.

In fact, this golden fulvic acid has been competitively tested against other products and was found to better promote nutrient absorption, nutrient transport, and more cellular metabolism than any other fulvic extract.

All this, of course, means you get one of the purest, most potent, freshest and most effective fulvic available for protecting your plants, strengthening their growth, and maximizing their growth phases.

  • Your plant flowers might look bigger… more developed… and juicier…
  • The plants are greener, lusher and more nutrient healthy because they’re getting the right nutrients at the right time… and… in the right way…
  • These happy plants give you a beautiful harvest you can be proud of… and… count on to be way more valuable…

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Sustainability Features

ORMI Listed

Nutrient Application

Continuous Liquid, Hydroponic, Reverse Osmosis, Soil / Promix

Supplement Type

Organic Fulvic Acids

Supplement Action

Boost Plant Strength

Liquid Format

1 L, 10 L, 1000 L, 208 L, 23 L, 4 L, 500ml, 57 L


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