Advanced Nutrients Tarantula


Advanced Nutrients Tarantula puts beneficial microbes to work in your hydroponics root zone. It’s a known fact that microbe assist in the processes that give your plants the vital nutrients they need.


Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula unleashes maximum yield potential by making one simple, yet invisible, addition to your root zone. Growing in hydroponics can be a catch-22.

You’ve chosen this indoor setup because it affords you total control over your grow room environment. It’s the only way to be the full master of your domain.

A big part of the equation is selecting an inert medium like coco, peat moss, or rockwool, because they don’t contain anything that could throw off the carefully dialed-in decisions you’ve made for your plants.

However… if you leave your root zone untouched, you’re missing out on the benefits of rich colonization. Where millions of natural microbes power up your cannabis plants’ underground network for increased nutrient absorption.

Doesn’t it drive you nuts? – You can have the most dialed-in grow room on the planet. But if you don’t do anything about your empty root zone, you’ll never reap the benefits of nature’s genius.

Which is why . . . Experienced Growers Colonize their Root Zone!

And add hand-selected strains of natural beneficial microbes to their growing medium.

Because here’s the thing…

When you unleash vast colonies of microbes into your root zone . . .

You’re creating the optimal conditions for building compound-rich biomass . . .

And walking away with higher quantities of potent, heavy flowers that put subpar bud to shame.

Imagine increasing your yields by making ONE small change . . .

And adding a root expander into your feeding regimen!

You see, your root zone acts like a highway for nutrients entering your cannabis plants.

And beneficial microbes expand this highway, making it wider and more productive . . . So crucial plant-potentiating nutrition can contribute to your most rewarding harvest yet.

In fact, we’d be hard pressed to think of a single cup-winning grower who neglected this much-needed root zone nourishment.

But keep in mind . . . Some Microbial Additives Are a Total Waste of Money
Because they’re engineered to save the company on production costs . . .

And do nothing to help your root zone flourish and your yields thrive.

Now, in a moment, we’ll tell you EXACTLY what you DO want to feed your root zone.

But first, take a look at the red flags you must watch out for if you want to get a return on investment…

If a company puts all their microbes and fungus into one bottle, they’ll likely go to war with each other. This results in a useless stew of ineffective microbes. Watch out for companies who use third-parties to bulk-produce bacteria — they’re solely interested in shaving down their own costs!

Are your bacteria dead on arrival? When companies skimp out on proper bottling, millions of bacteria die before they even reach your root zone!

All bacteria are created equal, right? WRONG! Only very specific strains of bacteria work to optimize YOUR specific plant root zone.

Watch out for generic strain names… Otherwise, it’s like saying “General Motors” to describe a car, and having no idea if you’re getting a Pontiac or a Corvette.

NEVER purchase so-called all-in-one solutions, where incompatible microbes live side by side. Some can dominate the others, causing the CFU of valuable strains to plummet over time.

As you can see, there’s a lot on the line when choosing the right microbial additives for your high-value, short-day crops.

And it’s important to do your research.

However . . . We’ve made it easy on you.

Because . . .Now You Can Enrich Your Garden’s Root Zone with Precision Strains of Bacteria, Hand-selected by the World’s Sharpest Leading Microbiologists!
And instead of relying on weak formulations and praying for the best . . .

You’ll be 100% confident that you’ve nourished your garden with best-in-class bacterial strains, chosen to optimize the foundation of your premium plants.

You see, we’ve spared no expense in engineering Tarantula® . . .

Today, it’s used by growers in 107 countries — and counting.

And when you unleash the power of these microbes . . .

You’re delivering 10 million CFU per gram to your root zone . . .

Creating a thick, robust gateway for nutrients that boost compound-rich flower.

Now, we always recommend you use Voodoo Juice®, our flagship product for roots.

But here’s the thing . . .

When you supplement Voodoo Juice’s root zone superpowers with Tarantula . . .

You’ll Develop a Rich, Lively Root Zone that Rivals the Most Fertile Soils on Earth
And unlock the immense, yield-boosting benefits you get from a lively root zone.

After you put Tarantula to work in your garden . . .

You can rest assured your high-value nutrition reaches every pocket of your plant for optimal vitality and peak performance.
You make iron and phosphorus more available to your cannabis plants . . . and even convert inorganic or locked-out forms of these nutrients into absorbable nutrition! (A lot of our growers use Tarantula to ensure their plants are getting enough phosphorus for maximum yields)
You’ll be blown away watching spindly roots transform into a thick, muscular transportation system for efficient delivery of critical nutrition.
And you’ll enjoy the massive yields you’ve put so much effort into cultivating. Simply because you invested in hand-selected bacteria that nourish your root zone.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing your crop is intaking everything it needs to reach its full potential . . . And will reward you with bountiful, potent flowers.

Buy Advanced Nutrients Tarantula today at an authorized retailer near you.

Stack it with Voodoo Juice, and watch first-hand how your plants respond to a lively, well-colonized foundation.

Which Nutrient Line is Best for You? Find out which nutrient line is best suited for you in this exclusive video.

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