CenturionPro Tabletop Wet And Dry Tumbler

This Tumbler is ultra resistant to damage and maximizes your profits with its rapid pace as well as reducing clean up time

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Requiring minimal maintenance and made of durable, weather-resistant material, this component is a must have within the trimming industry and you’ll love its efficient precision cutting.

Tumblers are Dual-Purpose tumblers for trimming both wet and dry material. Our Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler, which comes standard with all machines, has been extensively tested to outperform both the traditional wet tumbler when trimming wet and the traditional dry tumbler when trimming dry. This CenturionPro innovation allows you to switch between wet and dry material with just a few small adjustments to your trimming system. This is a major benefit because you can purchase one machine and still have the capability to trim wet or dry flowers.

Tumbler dimensions: 6.5″ D x 24″ L

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Electropolished, Quantanium


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