Chikamasa T-550 Harvesting Scissor


Chikamasa T-550 Harvesting Scissor meets the need of growers widely and is the best seller in Japan.


Chikamasa T-550 Harvesting Scissor

The Chikamasa T-550 Harvesting Scissor features a straight, carbon steel blade with no coating, torsion spring technology, and a “razor sharp” rounded blade.

If your product is grapes, herbs or any agriculture, you are need of an efficient harvest tool that will help prevent wrist aches and pain caused by conventional garden scissors. In addition, Chikamasa is designed with bonsai sculpting in mind. Chikamasa has developed the perfect scissor for specialty gardeners who work long hours with attention to detail.

These unique and durable torsion spring-loaded Chikamasa trim scissors boast a sharper point, as well as lasting stainless steel blades. Equipped with a medium tension torsion spring, the T550 will outlast and out-perform cheaper traditional spring-loaded trim scissors.

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