FERTI-LAB PK Blast Liquid Fertilizer


FERTI-LAB PK Blast liquid fertilizer uses full spectrum, professional-grade ingredients to ensure maximum nutrient uptake.


FERTI-LAB PK Blast liquid fertilizer is a very concentrated mixture of high-grade potassium and phosphorus formulated for optimal absorption during intensive flowering. To achieve heavy and voluminous flowering, the stem and branch structures have to be strong enough to support the added weight. FERTI-LAB PK Blast allows you to unlock bigger and more potent harvests.

  • Made in Canada
  • Works with all types of grow media
  • Won’t leave deposits in irrigation solution
  • Won’t clog automatic watering systems

Additional information

Weight N/A
Sustainability Features

Made in Canada, Made in Quebec

Nutrient Application

Coco, Continuous Liquid, Hydroponic, Peat, Reverse Osmosis, Rockwool, Root Drench, Soil / Promix

Supplement Type

(K) Potassium, (P) Phosphorus

Supplement Action

Boost Flower Density, Boost Terpene Profile, Stimulate Bloom Stage

Liquid Format

1 L, 20 L, 2L, 4 L, 500ml


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