Green Planet 1-Part Medi One Starter Kit


Green Planet 1-Part Medi One Starter Kit is a convenient and ready to use kit with a base nutrient formulated for the medical grower.

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Green Planet 1-Part Medi One Starter Kit
Green Planet 1-Part Medi One Starter Kit comes with a 500ml bottle of Medi One and a selection of our finest additives to help you maximize your yields.

Includes Base Nutrients:
Includes Additive Nutrients:


How it works

Medi One is our complete 1 part base nutrient that has a fully balanced blend of all-natural ingredients that produce vigorous growth in the vegetative stage and resinous aromatic flora production in the flowering stage.

Massive Bloom Formulation is our premier flowering additive designed to encourage budding, help facilitate bulking, and the ripening of flowering plants.

Rezin is our terpene enhancer formulated to enhance the natural processes within flowering plants that produce flavour and aroma.

Liquid Weight is our blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that support the plant and beneficial microbial life in the root zone. This leads to an increase in the absorption of essential nutrients that help develop impressive aromatic flowers and fruits.

Ocean Magic provides a wealth of natural ingredients that support several functional properties such as, rooting, reduction of environmental and plant stress, as well as the increase of overall vitality within your plants.

How to Use It:

This kit includes the necessary nutrients to follow the Media One Feed Program.

Refer to GreenPlanets ONLINE NUTRIENT CALCULATOR for application rates during each week of plant growth for each product. Shop additional Green Planet products.

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