Green Planet GP3 Bloom


Green Planet GP3 Bloom is an essential component of our 3-part base nutrient system and provides your plants with the optimal array of nutrients they need for the bloom stage.

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Green Planet GP3 Bloom is the component of the GP3 nutrient system that provides your plants with the right nutrients they need in the flowering stage of growth. This stage is when your plants start to fruit and produce flowers up until it is time for harvest. But in order to maximize their yields, they need the right formula.

The Bloom formula contains no synthetic dyes and contains only ethically sourced ingredients to ensure your plants are getting the highest quality nutrients possible. These include high amounts of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K), which plants require to thrive while flowering.

Phosphorous is vital for essential plant functions and flower formation to deliver larger yields.

Potassium helps convert phosphorous into energy your plant can use and strengthens cell walls to support heavy flowers.

When used alongside GP3 Micro and GP3 Grow, your plants will receive the primary, secondary, micro, and macronutrients they need for a bountiful harvest.

How to Use:
  • GP3 requires Grow, Micro, and Bloom for the best results
  • Refer to the GP3 Feed Program for application rates during each stage of plant growth
  • Mix each product individually into the reservoir, check the PPM, pH and adjust accordingly
  • Refer to Green Planet’s Online Nutrient Calculator for application rates during each week of plant growth


  • Combining GP3 components together in an undiluted form may cause nutrient lockout
  • Always mix into the reservoir separately
  • Follow the GP3 Feed Program for the best results

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