Green Planet Hydro Fuel Grow A&B


Green Planet Hydro Fuel Grow A&B is a simple and easy to use. This 4-Part Base Nutrient System provides great results but allows for more control and complexity later as a grower experiments and incorporates more additives into their feeding regimen.


Green Planet Hydro Fuel Grow A&B

Green Planet Hydro Fuel Grow A&B is the grow component of the Hydro Fuel 4-part base nutrient system, designed to allow for more control and intricacy in your feeding regimen during the vegetative stage of growth. The Hydro Fuel base nutrient system provides a necessary differentiation between the grow and bloom cycles, with 2 parts for the vegetative stage and 2 parts for the flowering stage. Hydro Fuel Grow is part of the Hydro Fuel Feed Program. Sustainably formulated and manufactured, Hydro Fuel provides the necessary differentiation between the Grow and Bloom cycles with two parts for each stage of growth.

How it works:

Hydro Fuel Grow provides your plants with an array of nutrients they need to thrive during the vegetative stage of growth. The Grow component is split into A and B formulas to ensure a diverse range of macro, micro, and secondary nutrients are delivered to your plants. High amounts of nitrogen (N), as well as added phosphorous (P), potassium (K), and calcium (Ca) ensure robust and healthy foliage growth.

We only use the finest raw materials and fully chelated elements to ensure a consistent and reliable formula that delivers with every use. Having a distinct Grow component gives growers more control and allows them to dial in a feeding regime that fits their garden. In order to push plants to their natural limits, growers need to have more control over when their plants receive certain nutrients in order to incorporate other additives and adapt to certain strain-specific needs. Hydro Fuel was designed for just this reason.

How to use it:
      • Hydro Fuel A NPK: 3-0-3
      • Hydro Fuel B NPK:  1-2-5
      • Use Hydro Fuel Grow at a rate of 1-3 ml/L (4-11 ml/Gal).
      • Mix Part A at the desired ratio then stir before you add part B
  • It is not advisable to mix concentrated A with B before they are diluted in the appropriate amount of water
  • Follow the Hydro Fuel Feed Program for optimal results

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Nutrient Application

Coco, Continuous Liquid, Hydroponic, Reverse Osmosis, Rockwool, Soil / Promix

Nutrient Type

4-Part Nutrient System, Vegetative Stage


Hydro Fuel Grow A, Hydro Fuel Grow B, Hydro Fuel A&B

Liquid Format

1 L, 10 L, 1000 L, 208 L, 23 L, 4 L


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