Grodan Marcroplugs


These 1.5 inch round plugs fit perfectly into our Gro-Blocks™ and GRODAN Gro-Smart trays.

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Grodan Marcroplugs
Grodan Macroplugs have a slit that allows for easy insertion of a cutting or bare-root plant.

This is the growing media that is best used with our patented cup design.

The rockwool plugs absorb water which allows the seed to germinate without the need of transplanting. This means to regrow your plants costs 45 cents instead of 4-5 $ a plant.

If you plan on transplanting your garden to soil, we recommend using hemp plugs and not rockwool. Hemp will bio-degrade much faster.

  • These round plugs fit perfectly into our Gro-Blocks™.
  • For best results with these Macroplugs always insert them in the GRODAN Gro-Smart tray.
  • The individual cells will make sure that the plugs stay closed around the stem of your cutting.
  • For information on how to take cuttings please go to our SEED pages.
  • Try out our Macroplugs today and see what you have been missing! Macroplugs come in a convenient 50 count bag.

Available Quantities:

  • 1 PK (50 pcs)
  • 10 PK (500 pcs)
  • 1 CASE – BAGS (35 bags x 50 = 1,750 pcs)
  • 1 CASE – LOOSE (2,000 pcs)

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1 PK (50 pcs), 10 PK (500 pcs), 1 CASE / BAGS, 1 CASE / LOOSE


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