Grotek Rype


Grotek Rype is designed to support high harvest quality and produce a more flavourful yield


Grotek Rype

Grotek Rype was designed to provide critical energy during a crucial life stage.  During the ripening stage, extra energy can aid in a plant’s ability to increase crop size and quality. With plenty of free carbohydrates available in this formula, it provides optimal conditions for plants to access an elevated level of energy during the final stages of ripening. Organic acids in this product also provide optimal conditions to help improve fruit set, size, and quality. This increase in energy can support sugar development in fruit, improving flavour, aroma, and taste.

With high organic matter and a range of oligosaccharides (carbohydrates), this formula aids in directly supporting soil biology. Strong beneficial microbial populations enhance decomposition of organic matter and nutrient cycling, benefitting plant nutrition. Rhizosphere microorganisms can also excrete compounds that benefit plants, as they work in harmony with host plants.

The organic acids created by the fermentation process can help improve availability of essential plant nutrients.

For best results, use after fruit set has developed.

Annual fruiting plants focus the last of their energy on reproductive growth (flowers, seeds, and fruits). For gardeners, this is a time of judgment for all of the hard work invested throughout the growing season. This formula provides optimal nutrient conditions to support the energy intensive ripening stage, and provides beneficial compounds such as carbohydrates to support soil microbes.

How to Use:

Application Rate: 1L makes 1000L of solution. Mix 1-2 ml per liter of water after fruit set has developed.

Continue use until 7 days before harvest.

Derived From:

Sugar beet molasses, glucose syrup

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N) ………. 3.0%
– 1.5% Ammoniacal nitrogen
– 1.5% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen

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Sustainability Features

Organic, ORMI Listed

Nutrient Application

Hydroponic, Soil / Promix

Supplement Action

Boost Bloom Productivity

Supplement Type

Carbohydrates / Sugars, Sweeteners & Sugars

Liquid Format

1 L, 10 L, 23 L, 4 L, 500ml

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