GROW!T Commercial Coco Choir Bale 5kg


GROW!T Commercial Coco Choir Bale is a premium growing medium brand, designed specifically for the professional grower.

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GROW!T Commercial Coco Choir Bale 5kg

The 5kg GROW!T Commercial Coco Choir Bale provides a compact source of buffered coir that expands quickly to generate over 2 cubic feet of premium coir.  This coir can be blended with soil, perlite, and other amendments, or use it as a stand-alone growing medium.

The entire line of GROW!T Commercial Coco is lab tested lab tested for heavy metals, so your plants can grow in the purest coco available.  This high-quality coir is processed indoors to eliminate debris and pollutants. Shop all our amazing GROW!T products here.

Compressed coco coir bales are popular because they save on shipping costs, and require less storage space then bags of loose coco.


  • Fast expansion
  • Low ppm/EC and tested for heavy metals
  • Premium buffered coco coir
  • Makes approx 50L / 2cu ft of loose coco coir

Now with 15% more perlite in every bag! Learn more about GROW!T Perlite.

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