Hortilux Bulb 1000W LU1000 MH HTL EN


The EYE Hortilux Dual Arc 62800 bulb is a combination of the Hortilux Super HPS and the world class spectrum of Hortilux Blue in one lamp

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The result of this combination is more compact plants and vigorous flower and fruit production without the need to purchase a metal halide and a HPS lamp separately. Dual Arc is the best, all-in-one grow light. Use with Magnetic Core and Coil ballasts only.

Benefits :

  • Promotes vigorous growth.
  • Accelerated plant development.
  • Hearty flowering & fruit production from one light source.
  • Ideal for start-to-finish use.
  • Great for first time indoor growers.
  • Experience growers.
  • Produces safe levels of Ultra Violet (UV) light.

Features :

  • Combines BLUE MH & Super HPS in one lamp.
  • No other Dual Arc lamp offers a Daylight MH spectrum.
  • Exclusive EYE HORTILUX spectrum.
  • Full One Year Warranty.
  • Operated and tested before packaging.
  • Made in Mentor, Ohio USA!

Detailed description:

  • Initial Lumens : 110000
  • Color Temperature : 3000K
  • CRI : 65
  • Operating Position : Horizontal +/-15 degrees
  • Fixture Requirement : Open Rated
  • ANSI Code : S52
  • E-Ballast Compatible : Yes
  • Warm-Up Time : 8 Minutes
  • Hot Re-Strike Time : 15 Minutes
  • Suggested height above canopy (varies with room space, ventilation and reflector size, form and shape.) : 4 ft


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