Hortilux Double Ended Bulb 600W Ceramic HPS CLU600DE HTL


Use the DE Ceramic HPS on its own in your flower room or in a checkerboard setup with our standard DE HPS grow lamp


Ceramic HPS is not your standard HPS light. A typical HPS light produces an orange light with a narrow spectral distribution. The Ceramic HPS produces a white light and has a much broader spectrum with an abundance of red spectral energy.

The spectral energy of Ceramic HPS is unmatched in the Horticulture market and is only possible through exclusive EYE HORTILUX chemistry.

Ceramic HPS enhances essential oil production and produces plants with minimal stretching. Our competitors’ HPS lights produce tired, dull looking plants at the end of the flowering stage. Ceramic HPS produces vibrant colorful plants which stay strong and healthy throughout the flowering stage.

Double Ended (DE) HPS grow lamps are typically used by commercial growers with large spaces and high ceilings.

DE HPS grow lights produce higher intensities of light due to the design, construction and internal pressures of the arc tube (light generating source). The physical design and shape of the DE grow lamp provides a consistent positioning of the light source allowing reflector manufacturers to optimize the focus and footprint of light over the plant canopy.

EYE HORTILUX DE HPS lamps have been life tested for thousands of hours to ensure you are receiving a quality and reliable lamp which will operate with consistent performance on the most popular DE electronic ballasts. EYE HORTILUX DE lamps are the only DE lamps designed and manufactured in the USA.

The ONLY DE Lamps Made in the USA
• e-Ballast compatible (for e-Ballasts that operate at or above 100 kHz)
•Unique TWIN COIL SUSPENSION™ (TCS™) support frame allows for expansion and contraction of the arc tube during operation*
•Patented lead wire design provides safer, more reliable connection within DE sockets (U.S. Patent #9892905)
•Exclusive EYE HORTILUX® spectrum promotes bigger, fuller flower growth with higher quality yields
•Completely lead-free
•Meets Federal EPA standards as non-hazardous
•Our DE lamps have been tested thousands of hours during development to ensure quality and reliability
•We test every grow lamp before it is shipped to ensure it operates.

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