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Dundas Jafine’s Flexible Insulated Duct is UL / cUL 181 listed as a class 1 air duct and bears the UL mark. This duct consists of a flexible helix core made of 2 ply polyester laminate and corrosion resistant galvanized wire. It is surrounded by a blanket of formaldehyde free, fiberglass insulation, that helps to reduce heat and cool loss as well as jacketed by a heavy duty, fire retardant, silver polyethylene vapor barrier with reinforced scrim.

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Flexible insulated duct can be installed in place of galvanized pipe in most applications. In addition, due to its flexible nature, the need for elbows is eliminated, allowing for ease of installation in difficult to reach areas. This duct is ideal for use in general ventilation applications including heating, air conditioning, intake and exhaust.

  • UL/cUL 181 listed as a class 1 air duct
  • Metalized, tear resistant silver jacket is UV and fire resistant
  • Formaldehyde free, energy efficient fibreglass insulation
  • Inner core constructed with corrosion resistant, galvanized wire
  • Ideal for attic installations
  • Can be installed in place of galvanized pipe
  • Glass fiber insulation reduces heat loss and condensation
  • Insulation: R4.2
  • Core Material: Double wall, 2 ply lamination of high density black polyester film
  • Steel Wire: Corrosion resistant, zinc coated wire
  • Glass Fiber Insulation: Glass fiber insulating blanket in various R-values
  • Vapor Barrier: Tear resistant silver jacket with reinforced scrim
  • Flame Spread: Less than 25
  • Smoke Developed: Less than 50
  • Vapor Barrier Permeability: 0.17 Perms
  • Temperature Range: -20ºF to 250ºF
  • Max. Rated Velocity: 5000 FPM
  • Max. Rated Positive Pressure: 10 in. WC
  • Max Rated Negative Pressure: 1/2 in. WC

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