Jump Start AccelaROOT 50-Cell Insert and Starter Plugs (no tray)

The AccelaROOT 50-cell Insert with Starter Plugs gives you up to 50 small “starter homes” for your seedlings and cuttings.

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Starter plugs provide growers with many advantages, specifically when seed starting and transplanting. They provide structure and protection for young tap roots. Once you’ve started to sprout, plugs come out of the plug cells easily to be transplanted into bigger pots or grow system, letting you start all over again Fits standard 10″x20″ flats.


Coir based blend with binding agent
Unique drainage properties deters damping off
Pre-moistened, pH-balanced peat plugs offer optimal air-to-water ratio
Prevents overwatering, develops stronger roots for world-class yields
Micro-air pocket development encourages dense feeder root production for explosive root growth
No rooting hormone needed
Plugs transplant directly into your garden

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