Ona Pro Spray 250ml


Ona Pro Spray is an Industrial Strength Odor Control. Now comes in a Handy Spray Bottle! Odor neutralizer that doesn’t just scent the air like other brands.


Ona Pro Spray

Ona Pro Spray – Now in a Handy Spray Bottle! Use it Everywhere! Do you have smokers in your family? Do you have pets that go everywhere in your house? Do you have an unpleasant garbage area? Would you like the air in your home or office to smell fresh and clean? Then use the ONA Pro Spray!

Furthermore, ONA PRO is as close to odorless as we have ever come. Although it has a slight scent when sniffed in the container, the final result when working on powerful, noxious odors is simply a clean, fresh smell – period. It leaves nothing behind to indicate that any odors were present. Nothing! Nada! Zilch!

It is a true odor neutralizer, unlike some store brands that just scent the air.

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