Sunblaster 1020 Humidity Dome With Vents 7″


These sturdy Humidity Domes allow light in while keeping moisture levels high and constant.


Sunblaster 1020 Humidity Dome With Vents 7″

Humidity Dome With Vents are designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible performance for all indoor growing. These domes work seamlessly with 1020 trays and LED or T5HO Strip Lights.

Getting more of the light your seedlings and cuttings need is simple with this unique dome, made for Indoor Growers. The light channels incorporated into these domes (a patented feature) keep your lights in place during the propagation stage.

“The patented recessed H-shaped groove gives the dome superior strength, but it’s more than just a structural feature, it allows both our T5 NanoTech lights and our new LED Strip Lights to fit securely in the dome, ensuring lights stay centered, and plants receive even light coverage.

We designed the dome to fit our Quad Thick and Double thick trays, but it will fit most any make of 1020 tray available.”

Easily removed for crop inspection or misting.

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