Ushio Proplus Bulb 600W HPS AHS-De Double Ended


Ushio Hilux professional grade bulbs are manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified factory and is used by a multitude of OEMs and professionals worldwide

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USHIO presents a new range of grow lights to promote vegetative growth and flowering.
The lamps are designed to guarantee constant quality and optimized for high performance.
Made in Germany by an ISO9001 certified facility.

USHIO introduces the new double ended very high pressure sodium lamp to its Pro Plus series of lamps. It is a complete range of professional quality horticultural lamps that use very high-yield lamp technology to achieve maximum vegetative growth and flower yield. The lamps are designed to ensure consistency of quality and optimized for high performance.



  • High red and blue spectral ratios for good photosynthesis efficiency
  • High light output for high PAR values
  • Robust plants thanks to a high blue luminous flux
  • High ratio of red light for healthy plant growth
  • Economical (long average life, high light output, low energy consumption)
  • Low profile tubular design for compact devices
  • Made in Germany and designed in an ISO9001 certified factory

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10,000 hours

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