Zen Zingers Refill Multipack


Save big when you order our Zen Zinger refill multipacks.  Six exciting flavours to choose from.


Zen Zingers Refill Multipack

Gelatine, Sugar, Natural Flavour, Natural Colour, Citric Acid

Make delicious cannabis gummy candy at home in less than ten minutes with Zen Zingers kits and refills
Once you’ve bought the kit you can restock on the gummy mix with our refill packs. Refill packs contain twice the amount of mix and make 30 gummies.

Take half of the refill pack and add 3 tablespoons of water in a 3qt saucepan. Bring your gummy mix to a low boil for four minutes, add your active ingredient and transfer to the moulds using the dropper. Gummies setup in the fridge in 24 hours at which time you can roll them in finishing sugar making a beautiful candy.

Refill packs will fill your Paracanna mould twice – making 30 gummy candies. Measure out half of the ingredients (juuust shy of 1/2 cup) and follow the instructions as per usual.

Watch how it’s made here.

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Edible Kits


Righteous Raspberry, Cherry Bomb, Mega Mango, Cosmic Cola, Pandemic Peach, Punchy Pink Grapefruit


3 Refill Packs, 6 Refill Packs


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