Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice


Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice gets to the root of the matter. The invisible powerhouse the smartest growers leverage to amplify yield size.


Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice is the #1 additive top growers use to expand roots and amplify yield size.

This revolutionary root-health formula:

  • Strengthens your crops’ roots and keeps them clean, white and bright.
  • Boosts the amount of bioavailable nutrition in your root zone, giving them more fuel to reach their full genetic potential.
  • Provides a broad spectrum of enzymes to more closely replicate the most fertile natural soil conditions.

Your plants’ roots are like buried treasure when you discover how easy it is to maximize their function and to achieve optimum harvests.

You take care of your roots by utilizing their ability to form symbiotic relationships with beneficial fungi and bacteria. These relationships help your roots intake nutrients.

Beneficial microbes break down old root material, and provide nutrition.

On top of that, microbes provide aeration so oxygen can reach further to penetrate more into roots. They also capture nitrogen and help make phosphorus more available, which you are aware of as essential, major nutrients for your plants.

Given that beneficial microbes contribute to a more natural, better-functioning root zone environment, what is the best way to place beneficial microbes into the hydroponics root zone?

To answer this question, Advanced Nutrients scientists conducted a multi-phase research project to create beneficial microbes that give Voodoo Juice that the following documented plusses for your garden:

  • Maximum-development of roots on your seedlings, transplants and clones
  • Your roots have enhanced branching, root density, root mass
  • Enhanced efficiency of nutrient intake, saving you time and money
  • Maximize growth and flowering

In so many gardens, the roots are forgotten, hidden away underground, neglected, uncared for workhorses. And yet, your plants’ roots are responsible for intaking almost everything your plants need. Ask not what your roots can do for you, but what can you do for your roots. Because when you give respect to your roots, you see the results at harvest time.

Bigger Roots Equal Bigger Fruits

And the smartest growers all prioritize what’s happening BENEATH the ground. Because here’s the thing, your root zone is one of the most overlooked ways to maximize the size of your yields. Simply because most of its power remains invisible to the naked eye! Yet, we’d challenge you to find any top grower who doesn’t invest heaps of money in the activity broiling beneath the surface.

In fact, a solid root expander is one of the first purchases cup-winning growers make, because they help to increase nutrient availability to your plants. Creating the optimal conditions for heavy, potent, high-profit harvests.

The fact is, Bigger roots will get you bigger plants. Plain and simple, and the single most effective way to build strong, explosive roots is to.

Deliver Beneficial Microbes to Your Root Zone

Now, if you’ve ever gazed at an eye-popping outdoor garden whose heavy, green yields spark even a tiny bit of envy inside your gut. Then you already know the huge role nature plays in increasing the size of your harvest. And it’s because the soil contains millions of beneficial microbes, known as rhizobacteria.

Rhizobacteria are like microscopic miracle-workers for your cannabis plants. Not only do rhizobacteria increase lateral root branching and assist in the development of root hairs. They also increase water and nutrient absorption.

And here’s the good news, as a hydroponics grower, you can still maximize your yields by leveraging the enormous power of rhizobacteria. And when you do, you’re going to bask in the same sweet satisfaction those outdoor growers feel when they watch a vast canopy of buds spring to life . . . And harden into dense, heavy, compound-rich flowers.

Now, before you speed off to your local hydro store for a bottle of rhizobacteria, keep in mind . . .

Bacterial Strains Are Worth Nothing If They Aren’t Active

And, while it may sound like a no brainer, too many companies sell you on bacteria that dies before it ever reaches your root zone. Simply because no one took the time to bottle them correctly. And YOU end up suffering for THEIR shortcuts. You end up wasting your hard-earned cash on a product with no return on investment.

But it doesn’t stop there . . . Some companies will try and take the easy way out by bulk producing microbes, simply because it saves them money on production costs. And some of the bacteria they select have NO business in your root zone. They’re not the right microbes for the cannabis you’re growing.

Even worse . . . a lot of these microbial additives bottle incompatible strains of bacteria together in an effort to hook you with an “all-in-one” solution.

Here’s the thing though . . .

Not ALL Microbes Can Survive in the Same Bottle!

In fact, housing incompatible microbes in the same bottle would be like throwing a penguin in a cage with a tiger. One of them isn’t going to make it out alive. And before they even reach the final bottle, some companies will throw ’em all in one vat and try to breed them together . . .

Without understanding that sometimes a fungus and bacteria meet and form harmful hormones instead. And when this happens, they often meet and create harmful hormones… Instead of doing an ounce of good for your plants.

Now, we don’t say this to scare you.

Because the reality is . . . You CAN maximize ROI through rhizobacteria

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