Boveda 62% RH 320g Pop Carton


Boveda 62% RH 320g Pop Carton is the only product on the market that adds or removes moistures needed, to maintain precise relative humidity in a container.

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Boveda 62% RH 320g Pop Carton

You can never use too many Boveda 62% RH 320g Pop Cartons. Using more than the minimum will work more efficiently and last longer!

  • Box of 6 units
  • Absorbs excess humidity if needed
  • Won’t over-humidify, preventing mold
  • No maintenance or refilling
  • No activation required
  • Proximity & direct contact won’t damage goods

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Boveda is the global leader in 2-Way Humidity Control for cigars, medical cannabis, musical instruments, food packaging, electronics, medical devices, and more. Check out the science behind Boveda and how it works for Cannabis here.

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