Growth Plus


Growth Plus (Nitrozyme) is the basis of growth enhancement and should be used in all the early stages of plant growth, especially young clones.

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Growth Plus contains highly concentrated cytokinic hormones extracted from a North Atlantic sea plant Ascophylum Nodosum. This plant lives in an environment of extreme temperature variation which helps explain the extraordinary level of hormones it produces. Cytokinins are hormones whose action occurs in the processes of cell division and cell enlargement.

Hydroponic systems are prone to levels of stress that may not be visible to the grower but may greatly reduce the plants ability to produce the hormones that it needs for the vital processes of nutrient uptake and distribution, cell division, root development and the production of flowers and fruit. This means that many plants in hydroponic systems are achieving much lower yields than they are capable of. Nitrozyme can be added to hydroponic nutrient solutions to restore the hormone levels in the plant.

  • Growth Plus is highly concentrated and comes from natural sources
  • Nitrozyme should not be sprayed on plants in flower
  • Non-toxic and poses no environmental hazards

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