Jiffy Preforma Landmark 72 Vent – 6 Tray CASE

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Jiffy Preforma Landmark 72 plugs x 6 trays

Tailor-Made Plant Plugs

The Jiffy Preforma plant plug system is probably today’s most flexible growing system available. You, the grower, chooses tray and substrate, out of the wide range of Preforma choices available, making the custom tray-custom substrate combination a perfect fit for your operation. Manufactured from the highest quality substrates, held together with a unique binding agent, the Preforma plant plug is suitable to work in any highly automated greenhouse environment, without exception.

Jiffy Preforma Flexibility

Jiffy Preforma plant plugs are available in almost every existing tray format used in the horticultural industry, making it a Tailor-made plant plug system for every propagator. Most trays, no matter what shape or size, can be filled with one of Performa’s wide range of media, from peat substrates to coconut fiber, a mix of both, with or without perlite. Additional seeding dibbles or cutting holes can be provided, as required by the customer. As a specialty, Preforma plant plugs can be provided with a transplanting hole to accommodate a smaller second plant plug, eliminating transplant shock and root damage. The plug basically keeps growing without interruption and will be ready for final transplant faster.

Jiffy Preforma Plugs For Rooting

Extremely uniform substrate and a structure with hundreds of micro air pockets, evenly distributed throughout the plug. This stimulates superior fibrous root growth throughout the full depth and volume of the plug. As the substrate is fully bound, there is no compaction with transport or irrigation. This superior substrate structure holds water well, maintains excellent drainage properties, conserves water, and reducing losses particularly in overwintered crops. The absence of a net around the plug allows the roots to develop optimally after potting on. Cuttings grown in Preforma produce notably cleaner callous than in other propagation substrates, and far less rot. The number of active root nodes formed at the callous is increased substantially, and stimulates fast multiple root development

Jiffy Preforma Advantages

– Jiffy Preforma is ready to use right out of the box
– Plugs retain an air content up to 30%
– Little to no compaction even under heavy misting conditions
– Uniform and fast rooting
– Binder allows transplanting with minimal shock
– Biodegradation certified
– RHP certified, OMRI Listed

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