Jump Start T5 Fixture With Lamp and Timer

The Jump Start Modular T5 Strip Fixture with Timer is perfect for giving beneficial light to seed starts, cuttings, herbs and more.

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This high-output, energy efficient T5 system ensures that your plants get the light they need for robust growth. The super-slim T5 Light Strip includes a 6400K full-spectrum T5 lamp, electronic ballast, hanging hardware, and power cord. The 18″ T5 lamp emits full-spectrum light, increasing your growing success with starts, cuttings, herbs, flowers, or vegetables. The built-in timer allows you to easily set a 12 hours on/12 hours off schedule or an 18 hours on/6 hours off schedule with a single button press. The unit will stay on all the time unless one of the timer functions is selected. Use with our Snap-On Reflector (JSFR2/JSFR4) for more directed light.

Includes fixture, T5 tube, 8′ 120V power cord, and instructions.


High output 6400K T5 tube
Electronic ballast
Daisy-chainable up to 12 units

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