Philips Son-T-Plus Bulb 600W HPS



Discover the Philips Son-T-Plus HPS 600W Bulb


  • ABOUT: These SON-T lamps are for use with an external ignitor, provide a bright, diffused light constant over the life of the lamp and last an average of 12,000 – 20,000 hours
  • VALUE: These bulbs are excellent value for money. Their long lamp life means maintenance time and costs are reduced over other types of floodlighting. Each lamp has an average rated life of 12,000 – 20,000 hours and an A class energy efficiency
  • COLOUR TEMPERATURE: These energy efficient lamps give off a vast amount of 2000k warm white light, with very acceptable colour rendering.
  • APPLICATIONS: Perfect for tunnels, airports, military installations, harbours and industrial sites. SON lamps are also commmonly used for floodlighting in city centres, residential areas as well as for commercial and industrial applications.


1x Philips Son-T-Plus 600W HPS Bulb

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