Sunblaster Square Saucer



Sunblaster Square Saucer

Premium Sunblaster Square Saucer – These durable, hard plastic saucers are a must-have when you are growing with pots. They keep your floor cleaner by catching the run-off that comes out of the bottom of your pots when you water. They also act as a small reservoir for when your plants are drinking more water than ever. Just top up the saucer after you have watered your plants all the way through.

These Heavy Duty and reusable black saucers come in 1 Gallon to 5 Gallon sizes to match our Square Pots.
Use saucers to collect excess water drainage and soil spillage. Saucering helps keep plants moist longer, and maintains a cleaner garden.
• Protect floors and decks from water
• Check water levels quickly and easily
• Sturdy, rugged and re-usable crop after crop
• Makes moving or rotating your plants just a little bit easier
• Light ribbing on the bottom keeps pots from sticking and out of water

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Weight 5 lbs
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11.4 litre / 3 gal, 18 litre / 5 gal, 4 litre / 1 gal

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